Q2 Pastis


Our Pastis floors waken subtle and sympathetic memories of times long past. The five special tints were developed based on recently discovered centuries-old recipes. The secret of these Pastis tints were derived from the composition of the colour pigments that, thanks to natural, complementary characteristics, reinforce each other. The combination of these unique semi-transparent pigments, applied to a grey-green basic undercoat, obscures and diffuses the light. The result is an extremely tasteful effect with a hint of the majesty of the past.

Five unique Pastis tints

The five tints in our Pastis Collection feel at home in any interior. The grey-green Pastis colours can be used by your parquet specialist in both traditional and two-layer parquet.

Would you like the colour to be brought fully to life? Then you could consider having the floor distressed in the authentic way. A more modern look can be achieved by laying the planks (non distressed) seamlessly next to the each other.

All Pastis colours are finished with a generous coat of high-quality, durable oil, with an appropriate semi-gloss. Once the floor is finished, it is ready for use.

What do you want?

The Pastis Collection can be supplied as 10mm thick traditional tapis or 13mm Q2 two-layer engineered in widths of 70 mm, 90 mm, 120 mm and 140 mm.

Do you like country style? You can choose from broad traditional Burgundy planks in 9mm thickness, with or without bevelled edges, in a range of widths up to 230mm. Also available are Q2 two-layer planks in widths of 145mm, 185 mm, 225 mm and 245 mm for that real country house look.

Of course, Pastis is also available in classic herringbone, a modern whalebone or as authentic Hungarian point in 45 or 60 degrees.

Pastis also offers ample opportunity for a creative laying style. Below you see some examples of distresses traditional patterns. Do you have a specific requirement, your own idea or a drawing? Ask your parquet specialist what is possible.

More info?

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