What makes Q2 unique?

Q2 two-layer parquet distinguishes itself through its perfect stability, thanks to the clever thickness ratio between the 4 mm thick wooden anti-wear layer and the birch triplex carrier. In addition, Q2 two-layer parquet also has a very high dimensional stability. Thanks to this, Q2 can be used in practically any situation imaginable. Q2 two-layer parquet can be laid easily, without underfloor. It need only be glued. The serrated carrier on the lower side ensures that the glue is spread better and over a larger surface. Of course a good, flat underfloor is essential for achieving the best, exceptional final result.

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Q2 two-layer parquet is supplied untreated and can therefore be sanded on the spot. You can then give the parquet any finish – coloured or transparent – you wish. Of course you can also choose a ready-to-use version, completely lacquered or oiled.

Q2 two-layer parquet can be supplied in more than 50,000 different variations. What’s more, Q2 is the only two-layer floor product that is supplied in exactly the same dimensions as traditional tapis parquet. Ask the parquet specialist near you about the possibilities.