Do you want the very latest in the field of distressed parquet?

Q2 Sherazade floors is the newest invention, from Parketfabriek Lieverdink, in the field of distressed parquet floors. Sherazade offers three specific lines. Q2 Sherazade seaside is inspired by driftwood found along the coast. Using a rough, intensive processing and colouring according to a secret recipe, five beautiful, distressed tints are created. Q2 Sherazade Sandscape is inspired by desert tints.

sherazade-inzet laag

These floors are carefully distressed and finished with a matt coating. This gives five mystical, sand-like tints. Q2 Sherazade Nightshade is based on five shadowy tints, varying from evening red to deep night black. Q2 two layer Sherazade paquet is available in 15 unique colours.