Can I be supplied with any size I require?

Q2 two-layer parquet can, if required, be made to size. Q2 can be laid in various patterns and is available in the following standard sizes:

  • 4 widths and 12 lengths *
  • more than 100 colour possibilities
  • 35 wood species
  • various finishing possibilities

Q2 is a quality product with unprecedented possibilities in the area of processing and finishing. There are more than 50,000 possibilities for laying and finishing your Q2 parquet floor so that it meets all your demands and feels at home in every specific interior. That is why Q2 two-layer parquet is the perfect product for interior designers and architects. Together with a regional parquet specialist, they can create a floor that is truly unique.


If necessary, Parketfabriek Lieverdink can, to order, supply various thicknesses. For example, if there has been water damage or when building an extension. Ask about the possibilities.

* the standard dimensions of Q2 pattern floors: 70 x 280 mm; 70 x 350 mm; 90 x 360 mm; 90 x 450 mm; 120 x 480 mm; 120 x 600 mm; 140 x 560 mm; 140 x 700 mm.

* the standard dimensions of Q2 plank floors: 70 x 600-1,000 mm; 140 x 600-1,000 mm; 90 x 600 – 1,000 mm; 120 x 600 – 1,000 mm.