Q2 Panels

These Q2 two-layer traditional floor panels bring past and future closer together. Patterns from times long past, such as the Versailles pattern, can now be constructed and manufactured as two-layer Q2 parquet. The ready-to-use panels are supplied untreated with a groove all round. They feature the unique Q2 construction, which is perfectly suited for use on modern sand cement floors. The panels can also be combined without any problem with floor heating.

Q2 panels are available in a number of standard patterns. These patterns are made based on fixed measurements. But if you prefer, you can also have your very own pattern manufactured. All you need do is supply a detailed drawing, and we will manufacturer your very own, uniquely designed panel.

Q2 Panels can be made from any of 35 wood types. The maximum panel size is 80 x 80 cm.


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