Q2 Cubes

Inspired by the work of the world’s greatest architects, Q2 has developed an exceptional two-layer parquet line. Q2 Cubes is made up of 5 different, interchangeable elements. These elements can be supplied with or without bevelled edge or as distressed parquet. In this way, you can create a completely unique, dynamic and personal pattern. You could, for example, produce a Glamorous Vectran, a Metropolitan Cuban or a Spiral Maze. Your choice, your decision.

Q2 Cubes are available in a variety of wood types and are supplied in 5 sizes: 14 x 14 , 14 x 28, 14 x 42, 14 x 56 and 14 x 70 cm. If your choice falls on oak, the choice of colour is unlimited. In addition to the distressed versions, you can also choose one of the 1,000 RAL colours that you can combine endlessly with each other.

Q2 completes the wide range of Q2 two-layer parquet.

vectran-q2-bord   Cuban-foto

Q2 Cubes: Vectran & Cuban