What else is possible?

Finely sawed floors and burnt floors are the latest newcomers to the extensive range of Parketfabriek Lieverdink and of course the parquet floors that have undergone this treatment are also available with the unique two-layer Q2 system.

Finely sawed
In former times, floor planks were sawed with a band saw. This method of sawing caused the resulting wood to show consecutive diagonal saw marks. This gives the floor a beautiful appearance with an historic character. Once the floor has been sawed in this unique way, the wood is treated with a natural oil or coloured oil of choice. Finely sawed Q2 parquet floors are supplied ready to use, completely in the chosen colour.

Burnt parquet

Would you like a floor with a truly exceptional finish? Parketfabriek Lieverdink can intensely change the colour of the wood by means of a unique heating technique. After the burning process, planks are brushed rigorously and given a natural or coloured oil finish of choice. The result is an authentic parquet floor with a medieval look.

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Individual requests

Do you or your customer have a specific colour in mind? Do you have a special finish in your head that is far from standard? Or would you like to order a Q2 floor in an unusual and unique size? Everything is possible. Your floor will then be delivered in complete accordance with your required specifications. Ask your parquet specialist for more information. Are you a parquet specialist? Then you should realise that the possibilities of individual bespoke work will make an eradicable impression on architects and interior decorators. You can, after all, manufacturer exactly what is required.